27th May 2015

Our Products

We can supply your business with a wide range of meat products. Our focus is on producing meat of a high quality whilst also being affordable. We are highly experienced at achieving the balance between affordability and quality, ensuring that chefs can make the most out of their menu, and restaurant owners can secure a high profit margin per meal.

Where possible, we source our products from the Yorkshire Dales, but in the spirit of affordability we recognise that this isn’t always the most cost effective measure for business owners. We are often able to offer a choice to customers, for example we can offer affordable Danish bacon, or premium UK bacon cut in our own factory- allowing the client to choose which product is most appropriate to meet their aims.

This website details a flavour of the products we offer. If you are looking for something which isn’t listed amongst our products, please get in touch with us. We work with a wide range of trusted suppliers, and it is likely that we’d be able either to find what you are looking for, or that our butchers could produce it ourselves.