15th June 2015

Exotic Meats

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Our exotic meat range will make a great addition to any menu, and add a curiosity and talking point for your diners. Again we are able to offer a variety of products depending on your aims. We can supply numerous varieties of exotic meat burgers, but can also offer premium steaks and speciality products such as frog legs.

All of our exotic meat products are sourced though a fully licenced importer.

Please see below for an overview of the exotic meat products we have available. Should you require a product which isn’t on this list, please do get in touch with us.

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Available products

Bison Meat Camel Meat Crocodile Meat
Elk (Moose) Goat Iberico Pork
Kangaroo Meat Llama Mouflon Meat
Ostrich Meat Frogs Legs Snails in Garlic
Water Buffalo Wildebeest Zebra Meat